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Film Movement - No Longer Affiliated

Film Movement is no longer affiliated with our site. But don't despair. We have partnered with some of the entertainment industry's largest and most customer friendly sites.

We encourage you to visit these outstanding sites:

Click for a FREE Netflix trial with DVDs delivered from $7.99/month

UK Visitors click here to visit BBCShop UK



Too many great films are never released widely. Despite critical acclaim and major awards, millions of film fans across the country never get the chance to see them. Film Movement was created to change that.

Film Movement allows film fans everywhere to participate in new releases. Their Subscribers receive an award-winning new release each month on DVD as well as a Short Film. Film Movement's innovative subscription movie club gives you the freedom to see the year's best foreign and independent films. If you can't make the premiere, the premiere can now come to you.

At its heart Film Movement is a grassroots movement that joins together filmmakers and film fans for a simple common cause -- to provide access to the best films made every year.

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